Handmade Leather Dicebag (Varvite Leather)

Varvite Leather

Dice Dice Bag DND Handmade Leather


Built by a game enthusiast for other game enthusiasts!


These leather dice bags were designed with function and quality in mind. The bag sits open with the dice displayed, making it easier to find your lucky D20. The wide opening offers ease of access. The grommets allow the laces to slide easily without snagging, yet produce enough resistance to keep the bag shut when the laces are drawn. The bag is hand sewn in the saddle style to strengthen the stitches and prevent them from unraveling. The leather itself is chosen to be durable, flexible, and soft to the touch. 


Each leather dice bag is built entirely by hand - cut, pricked, sewn, grommeted, and laced. Soft, supple, vibrantly coloured whole leather hides are selected to make these unique bags. Each one-of-a-kind bag has a combination of grain and texture from different areas of the leather hide - the shoulder, side, back, or belly. The character of the animal is expressed in the texture.


Your bag will come tagged with the leather of origin, as well as the batch and piece number. Each skin produces a limited run of pieces - and as such, the colour availability will change with time.


Varvite Leather – Natural Products with Natural Character

Size  XSmall
Color  Red